Saturday, 4 April 2009

Oxford Pomona

In Elizabeth's reign Pomona lived. There was not to be found
Among the wood-nymphs any one in all the Oxonian ground
That was so cunning for to keep an orchard as was she,
Nor none so pain-full to preserve the fruit of every tree.
And thereupon she had her name. She cared not for the woods
Nor rivers, but the for boughs that bore both buds
and plenteous fruit. Instead of dart, a grafting hook she bare
With which the overlusty boughs she eft away did pare
That spread out too far, and eft did make therewith a rift
To graft another imp upon the stock within the cleft.
And, lest her trees should die through drought, with water of the springs
She moistened of their sucking roots the little crumpled strings.
This was her love and whole delight.

(paraphrased rather loosely) from Ovid

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