Thursday, 28 May 2009

Beurré gris d'Hiver nouveau: set

A disappointing sole fruitlet on my Beurré gris d'Hiver nouveau stepover this year despite the copious blossom and wide range of pollinators. Perhaps not surprising as it was only planted last year as a maiden. Still very pleasing to see home-grafted trees coming into production, albeit modest.

Beurré gris d'Hiver (sometimes 'nouveau') appears to be distinct from Beurré gris (syn. Brown Beurre). This description is from 'The fruit manual' by Hogg (1860):

"Beurre Gris d'Hiver (Beurre Gris d' Hiver Nouveau; Beurre de Lucon).—Fruit large, roundish. Skin entirely covered with thin brown russet, and tinged with brownish-red next the sun. Eye small, set in a very shallow basin. Stalk short and thick, inserted in a small cavity. Flesh white, melting and juicy, sugary and slightly perfumed.

A good late pear when grown in a warm situation, but otherwise coarse-grained and gritty. Ripe from January till March. It is best from a wall."

The Fruit Manual, Robert Hogg, 1860

I hope the singleton survives so I can find out whether Hogg was right or not.

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