Friday, 19 June 2009

Cherry ripe: a mystery?

This cherry was sold to me as 'Sunburst'. It is a very weak grower, so in the 10 or so years it's been in, we have had few opportunities to assess it, but I'm now absolutely certain that it is NOT Sunburst. It rarely goes a full red at optimum ripeness, though it is a very nice fruit.

Most of the trees I haven't home grafted came from a well-known nursey on the Isle of Wight. So far, 4 trees have turned out to be not the varieties ordered. This is very annoying, as my plantings are very carefully chosen with pollination and growth habit in mind for a particular site or purpose. If you have any idea which variety this may be, please let me know! (I'm inclined to think Merton Glory, as the colour and season look right).

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