Sunday, 23 August 2009

Evaluation: Beth

Returned from my father's funeral in Wales to find nearly half of the remaining Beth crop had fallen, though many were still edible after the wasp-nibbled bits had been removed. Including the fallen ones, the remaining crop weighed 4 kilos (8 lbs), giving a total crop of  7 kg (15 lbs) for what is a single cordon (the other limb is given over to Goreham).

8 foot oblique cordon, on Quince C planted 1998.
7 kg (15 lbs) ripening over 2-3 weeks
Growth habit very compact and free-spurring.
Disease free with good autumn foliage colour (yellow).

Flavour and texture are good; thin-skinned, juicy, sweet and slightly buttery. Acid levels are low, helping the sweetness, though probably making it slightly less flavoursome as an early culinary pear. Keeping qualities are average for an early variety, that is you have a couple of days of grace once they have turned yellow.

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