Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Plum: Warwickshire Drooper

Photos of the various examples of Warwickshire Drooper in my in-laws' garden in Warwickshire, taken early in September, just before the fruit was ready.

This is a very common plum in the area, probably because it grows well on it's own roots thus suckers freely everywhere. Locally it is known as 'Magnum Bonum'.

A vigourous grower with obvious weeping habit. Crops are prolific and this, in combination with the habit, can result in frequent branch breaking and the need for numerous props to limbs (as shown). Height is self-limiting at around 12 feet.

Fruit quality is good; large, fairly sweet fruits with a slightly bitter skin. Flavour better where fruits are blushed slightly from being open to the sun. They also cook well and make a good quality plum jam. 

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