Friday, 4 September 2009

Crop: Winter Nelis

Another disappointingly sparse crop of Winter Nelis. However promising the crop looks when it sets, it rarely carries more than a single fruit per spur, and the majority of spurs end up bare of fruit. The size is disappointing, though I have seen this variety produce larger fruit elsewhere. Nevertheless, they will be very welcome, as they are usually the longest keeping of all my pears, and a nicely ripened pear is very welcome in December.

Bunyard's description:
WINTER NELIS. Her. Pom., II., 38. F. Nelis  d'Hiver. G. Coloma d'Hiver. (Bonne de Malines.)  Dessert, November to January, medium, 2\ by 2 J, round  conical, a little uneven. Skin, rough. Colour, greenish  yellow nearly covered with thin dark brown russet,  increasing round eye. Flesh, greenish white, trans-  parent, very juicy and sweet, delicately perfumed.  Eye, open in a shallow even basin. Stem, rather long,

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